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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


So plans for rebuilding the Watkins Rapier, now lovingly being referred to as "Watkinstein's Monster", continue. This is yet to be confirmed, but it looks like I'm going to need a new neck, new pickups, a new bridge...basically everything but the main body. So I'll be putting a bunch of various parts together and then running electricity through an otherwise dead body in an effort to bring it to life. Ergo, Watkinstein's Monster. But its probably going to take about $300 to get all that stuff done, which may have to wait or done just a bit at a time. We shall see. Still, it'd be worth it to get an ultra-rare 50-year old guitar playable again.

No, I don't really play. I know maybe 2 songs, maybe 2 or 3 chords, and that's it. But I plan on learning to play it. And even if I don't, I'll look cool regardless.

In other news, work is getting nutty. I just put in 4 days in a row working on a deck that's supposed to go to print in 2 weeks, and is only about half done. Ugh. Which means I'll probably be working over Thanksgiving. Sucks to be me. But that's ok, cause I can work in my pajamas and watch anime and eat cookies while working.

Be sure and watch Heroes next Monday. It looks to be a good one.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Just...Flutter Away

So guess what I bought over the weekend? Based upon the various knick-knacks and odd accoutrements seen in my apartment photos, I am sure you have no idea. So I'll tell you! I bought a guitar. There I was, just killing time on eBay on my lunchbreak, when I decided to see if there were any cool guitars up for bid. And there it was. A 1957 Series 1 left-handed Watkins Rapier. (Yes, apparently there was a company called Watkins in the 50's and 60's in England that made guitars.) Its in pretty bad shape; needs new strings, a new bridge, a half-dozen screws and who knows if the pickups work or not, but it called to me. I swear, when I saw the photo, I audibly heard rock-n-roll riffs emanating from my screen. So I am making it my quest, my life's work, to bring this monster back to life! I know a guy who knows a guy who's the best guitar restorer on the east coast. If he can get it playable, I'll be happy. I can worry about body restoration later. Other than that, I spent the weekend watching movies and doing work in my pajamas. Also this weekend, I bought the 3rd out of the 7 Christmas gifts I need to acquire. And I know what the 4th and 5th will be, but haven't gotten them yet. I feel so on top of my holiday shopping this year.

The quote from the Title of this entry is from Six-String Samurai, a really really ridiculously cheesy and low-budget film made about 6 years ago. I recommend it if you like Elvis-era rock music, cavemen throwing gumballs, a cannibal version of the Cleaver family, lots of kung fu, the Spinach Monster, all in an effort to become the next king of Lost Vegas.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Real Life is Grainy

Check it out! Here is my new bonsai tree(s), or the entity known as Dee-Mee. Please ignore the hideous tupperware with aquarium gravel, though...I forgot to read the fine print and realized that the trees, being tropical, need lots and lots of water, and my apartment has electric heat, which makes the room on the dry side. Thus, the humidity tray. I didn't have time (or know where) to buy one, and didn't know what one was until I read it on wikipedia yesterday, so I made one out of some ridiculous purple and aqua aquarium gravel and a tupperware cake holder. But it seems to be happier now.

Today I tried something new on my commute. I attempted to employ my portable DVD-player. It has an earphone jack, so no rule-breaking. Unfortunately, I forgot that its very temperature sensitive, and had it in my bag, where it got cold on the drive to the station. It took 3 stops before it would work. Definitely something that will need rethought or put on hold til summer. Still, it was entertaining watching Over the Hedge during my journey in to work.

And here is my new apartment scheme. Ignore the thing on the floor...that's just my cell phone case. But yes! An apartment just isn't an apartment without a throne, a wizard staff, a penguin butler, and a Lego pirate ship (top of the closet on the right). I have to tell you...I love moving stuff around, and rearranging furniture...but its just about the only time I hate having so many books. You're looking at maybe a quarter of them in the photo.

So far I'm enjoying the set-up, although I now want to put a picture of some kind in the little space in the bookshelf with my lantern and chess set. Hmmm...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cereal Review #2

Today's Review: Kellogg's Golden Grahams

A classic cereal. Tasty, fragrant, sweet…truly a cereal for the ages. If I had to pick something wrong, I'd go with gets soggy too quickly. Still, quite good. I haven't had this in a few years, having had the bad luck of it being the last thing I ate right before a bout of the flu. Nothing ruins a food quicker than having had it right before the flu. Ugh. But based on past experiences, and observation, I would still give this cereal a solid 6.8 prizes.

In other cereal-related news, Kellogg's has been putting X-Box hand-held games in their cereal boxes! How messed up is that? Like kids don't get enough time with various screen-related activities already. Back in my day I was thrilled to get a little plastic submarine from the Cap'n Crunch.

Foiled again...

Tried taking photos on my phone of the new digs and new bonsai (which I am reading up on, so I don't kill this one) but they didn't come out very good...there's apparently a lag between when I push the button and when it actually takes the photo. A little lag is expected, but we're talking like, 4 to 5 seconds here. Its tough to keep a phone absolutely motionless for 4 to 5 seconds.

Anyway, I'll try again this evening.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cereal Review #1

As per Ms. Wish To See's suggestion, I'll try doing cereal reviews, and see how it goes.

Today's review: Post Cocoa Pebbles

An okay cereal. More cocoa flavor than say, Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Krispies, which is probably its best selling point. And the aroma is intoxicating. Gets soggy fairly quickly, though. The worst detraction to this cereal, however, is the fact that in seconds all the cocoa seeps off of the "pebbles" and sinks to the bottom of the milk, leaving you with soggy plain cereal in chocolate milk. Where's the fun in that? I'd just put chocolate milk on Rice Krispies if I wanted that. I do like the fact that any prizes that come in this cereal are usually dinosaur-themed. The television commercials are among the most annoying and often-shown cereal commercials on air. Overall, I give it 3.5 prizes out of 10.

My rating system will be "Prizes", and will be on a scale of 1-10, 1 being completely inedible cardboardy nasty yucky why did they make this foul thing cereal, and 10 being I can't live without it I will eat it at every meal and paint the logo on my car cereal.

Lawrence of Suburbia

So...hi there.

What's been going on in Flivenville? Stuff, as per usual. Work, which has been fairly quiet of late, is about to get insane once again from now until the first part of December. The good news is that I have taken off four days after Christmas and one day after New Years', so I have a proper Christmas break, just like in school! 11 glorious work-free days. Maybe I'll have to do some freelance designing or something during that time so as not to lose my "edge".

This past weekend I reorganized my apartment, also termed the "Great Dust-Bunny Roundup" *whip crack* Yeeha! Previously, I had my bookshelves bisecting the room, with the walkway in at one end. Now it is centered in the room between bookshelves, which is much cooler, although I'm not sure how the functionality's going to work out yet. So far so good. Plus, I've started leaving my blinds open during the day, as to let more light in and thus warm the apartment more. A wise move, I feel.

Also this weekend was the journey hence to collect a new bonsai tree. My old one was 98.3% dead. I felt like Charlie Brown every time I moved or watered it, cause little bits of bonsai juniper would rain down on the table. Not cool. I planted it in a lovely spot by the edge of the woods, though. Gives it a fair chance, anyway. Plus the new one is much better! Firstly, its 3 small trees together, and they're deciduous. This entity has been named DeeMee. I recommend the bonsai place/nursery on Rte. 7 over in Reston. They have a GREAT selection, and the nice German lady there knows her stuff.

A few notes for fellow bloggers, then I'm out.
Ms. Wish To See: No NaBloPoMo for me. Sad, but I really really won't have time later this month.
Mr. Bad Apologies: Travel safe. Have fun!
Ms. Maryment: Do you hate the cheerleader on Heroes as much as I do? She is so very very irritating. Cool powers though.
Ms. Post No Bills: Love the corset! Those NY lesbians are fools to pass up a "comely wench" with renowned pancake-making skills.
Ms. Write Again Soon: Just dinner is not a date. It has to be dinner and something. Like dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing to be an official date-date.
Ms. I'd Rather Be Travelling: Put me on your "list"...I'm not voting tomorrow.

I'll see what I can do about getting pictures of new apartment/new bonsai tomorrow. Peace out.