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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cyro Baptista

So last Saturday I, along with some friends, went to see Cyro Baptista; a Brazilian percussionist living in New Jersey.

The most eerie thing was walking past work on a Saturday in the dark. The building looked like a deserted husk, which it was I guess, as opposed to its usual bustling self. Also stopped by Tower Records and looked around for a bit. Why oh why do they have so much cool stuff? I wanted to spend vast amounts of money, but did not. Anyway, on with the show.

CB and his "band", Beat The Donkey, were really fun, I thought. The high point of the evening was undoubtedly when they did a rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Emigrant Song". Of course, also entertaining were the slightly-odd dancing stoners on the left of the auditorium. How well can you dance to oddly-rhythmed tambourine tapping, anyway?

All in all, it was pretty good. Afterwards, there was a "party" for the "young professionals" to get together and meet the group, etcetera. This was not the fun it was promised to be! It had been advertised as including free drinks and gourmet food. Well, the "free drinks" was actually one free passion-fruit martini, which was about the nastiest thing I've ever tasted. Take some asparagus, distill it, add a strawberry twist, and you've got something that might have tasted like this. And the "gourmet food" you ask? Little greasy greasy biscuit-things. Not cool.

As per the hostess' request, here is a brief synopsis on why the "Young Professionals" of DC decided that Cyro Baptista should be a cultural event. My first thought involved the band name. Beat the Donkey. To me, this smacks of some secretive Republican anti-Democrat propaganda. Only in DC would you find such. I'm kicking around some other theories, but thusfar none of them have panned out.

Rating: 7/10 for event, 1.5/10 for post-event party

Monday, March 20, 2006

After my long hiatus...

Hello really really faithful blog readers! Yes, it has been awhile since my last post. I apologize for that.

When last I posted, I told everyone how I had lost my job? Yes. Bad times. During my period of unemployment, there was really nothing to blog about! I got up, I looked for work, I did stuff around the house, and then slept again. That was my life for about 2 months.

However! I have found new, shiny, improved work! Are you excited? Are you thrilled? Do you want every single detail? I know you do! Right now I'm working downtown DC, at a company that will have to remain anonymous as I try to maintain the anonymity of this blog...at least as much as I can...so we'll call it Umbrella Corporation. I've been here 1 week so far, and really like it...there was a lengthly orientation period, which I am calling Umbrella Corporation Boot Camp, but I made several friends among the other "recruits" and am enjoying myself. And of course, I am now an officially-titled graphic designer, which is exciting and fun.

In other news, Behtia and I are still doing well, although I haven't seen her in a month and that makes me sad. Recently went to a "girl's night" with two very fun people, wherein we watched television about midgets, families of 16 kids, the award-winning DCL movie, and Pride & Prejudice. Good times, although the dinner selection may have been a mistake. ;)

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