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Friday, February 19, 2010

New Chapter

So I have, in the past few months, become a Doctor Who addict. The David Tennant episodes especially. Its just a freakin' awesome show! Other recent shows of note include Big Bang Theory and Community. I still try and catch Chuck and Heroes on Mondays, as well.

Anyway, Doctor Who. Great show. Stupid David Tennant quit after this past season, though...not cool. Why would you pass up a cherry gig like that, bra? Its got elements of creepy, funny, sciencey, dramaey, and romancery. Although its light on the romancery. Hey, its British. :)

Things are still going pretty good here at Dunder-Mifflin where I work. Enjoying steady employment doing something I'm good at, anyway. There have been a lot of politics and regime changes recently, though, and the wise man keeps his head down during such times.

Did you ever notice how commercials, especially infomercials, have little or no logic to them and yet millions of people are suckered in? There was one the other day for an electronic soap dispenser. Because pushing a pump down is too advanced for some reason. At one point in the commercial, they showed an old person using it to put dish soap on a sponge, touting that it was ideal for those suffering from arthritis. They then proceed to show this person using the now soapy sponge to scrub a frying pan. How dumb is that? Like pushing a little plastic pump is horrendously hard on your arthritis, but scrubbing a frying pan is a breeze? And I just saw a photo on Yahoo for a health/well-being article of a woman with a stethoscope listening to her own heart. Ok, I get the imagery, but why wouldn't they show someone with a finger on their neck and looking at a watch instead? Does a person REALLY need a stethoscope to check their own heartbeat? If so, I believe your problems go beyond 'lower stress levels to decrease risk of heart disease'.

This year I think the Mrs. and I are going to hit Florida for our anniversary. Its only about a 6 hour drive down to Orlando from here, which is great for a long weekend. We're tentatively looking at staying at Cocoa Beach (or is it Coco Beach? One of the two, anyway) and possibly going in to Disneyworld for a day. Just a relaxing fun time. The other option is to hit Universal Studios and go to the new 'Harry Potter' park, which looks fun, but we just went to Universal a year and a half ago, and haven't been to Disney since childhood. So we'll see.

La la la, what else is happening...I started rereading the Recluse series by L.E. Modesitt...good premise and interesting stories, but he has an odd style of writing and could develop his characters more. I think if he had split all of his books into two books, and did character development with the extra pages, they'd have been outstanding. As they are, some of the characters say things odd, or unexpected, that don't quite fit, and the progression of time works oddly too. And he is obsessed with sound effects. The main character's horse has the same number of lines as the main character does. And no, the horse does not talk. He goes 'whee eee' or 'snort' or whatever sound the horse makes. Still, all in all, a fun read.

Thank goodness its the weekend! I get to go to the circus tomorrow. There is a large portion of cotton candy calling my name...