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Thursday, June 16, 2011

In Blackest Night...

Tonight I go see the Green Lantern movie. SO exciting! Never mind that its less than 2 hours long, whereas Batman or Superman seem to be closer to 3 or 4. And GL has a MUCH richer history. But its going to be sweet, nonetheless! This will probably be one of the very last midnight showings (until they make a Labyrinth or Princess Bride sequel) I will do ever. And the very VERY last public appearance of the GL jersey signed by Mart Nodell (creator of GL).

Little known fact: the guy who created Green Lantern ALSO created the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. That's kinda fun...

One hour's worth of play time into the new Alice game. Its wicked sweet so far. The controls are a bit unwieldy, but perhaps I'm just not used to them yet. Time will tell. But the art is incredible. Storyline, so-so. I miss some of the old weapons, too...pepper grinder is all well and good, but I want my ice wand back! And the Blunderbuss (for when you absolutely have to kill EVERYTHING all at ONCE).

Took out all the quarter round around the edge of our kitchen last night...it was a yucky job. I have to go back in tonight and yank some of the nails that were stuck in there...as well as try and clean up where they caulked the top of them to the wall and the cabinets. How annoying is that? And I keep having issues with what the best way to start this thing is...I have a little error room, but not a lot. Plus there are some places in the room that NEED a good fit, like under the edge of the stove and the dishwasher. And then there's the potential for disaster because the metal strip that goes over the edge of the carpet is screwed down into concrete, so if I pull it out, how the heck am I going to get it back in securely? Right now I just have it bent up a little, so hopefully I can tap it back down...may need some glue or something, though.

I'm tired. And more significantly, I'm tired of being tired. I'd really love to be AWAKE for just a little while. Some days I don't even remember what that feels like. I guess midnight movies are probably not going to help that, though, huh? :)

Stay calm and carry on.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub

Here's an idea I've had. It could use some input, some fleshing out, some rules attached, but I think the general idea is a good one. Every year, each U.S. citizen gets along with their taxes a coupon entitling that person to punch in the face one person of their choice at some point over the next year, penalty-free. These cards are not sellable, transferable, and expire after that year. You must be at least 16 years of age, because before that your parents can give you a smacking anytime you need it. You cannot cause the person permanent physical damage or death.

This means that if you are a nice person that everyone likes, then you should have no problems. But if you are a big fat jerkface that just NEEDS to be hit, and a hundred people use their cards every year to punch you in the face, this would eventually let you know that you ARE a jerkface, and would be incentive to either change or get away from the people you are bothering. Plus how GOOD would it feel to be able to punch in the face someone who deserved it, legal-exempt and guilt-free? Maybe its just me.

I've started working on my family tree. Its getting to be quite a process. The family is HUGE when you start going back a couple generations. Seriously, my great great grandmother had six kids. She lived on a farm and had NO hospital with drugs and nurses and whatnot. Its no wonder she is stern of visage...I would be too after that. Another great great great grandmother had ELEVEN kids. So most of my time is spent plugging aunts and uncles into the program I'm using. I'm not sure its going to work out yet with this program, but we'll see. The thing is most of them will only either go back 3 or 4 generations, or won't do relatives by marriage or 2nd cousins or further. I want the WHOLE tree, you know?

Anyway, back to work.