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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


The other day we started a new small group/Bible study group. At our first meeting, I got a comment in regards to my e-mail address. Mainly because it was "@hotmail.com" rather than "@live.com" or some other currently trending e-mail suffix. And I can bet you that I have had my e-mail address longer than ANYone else in that room. No question. Because I got that e-mail address in November of 1996. That means that in a couple months, I will celebrate my 15-year e-mail anniversary with the SAME ADDRESS. That's unheard of in this day and age! So nuts to them.

Also, with my previous small group, we set up a Fantasy Football League. I am excited, as I have a good team this year. An EXCELLENT team, in fact. It'd be even better, except that I really hates the Steelers (which was hilarious when the subject of football came up amongst the in-laws who live in PA), thus would not put any of them on my team. Same thing for Michael Vick. Not wild about the Atlanta Falcons, either, despite living here. But I have a fairly good representation across the rest of the teams…although I tended to be Eagle and Raven heavy. If they both make the playoffs, I am GOLDEN though.

Our computers are acting wacky today; which is odd for macs. I mean, they can act kinda screwy from time to time, but that usually means that you've set something up wrong, rather than because of a virus or incompatibility issues. So we've been poring over these machines trying to figure it out. I blame Snow Leopard, personally. Rotten upgrade. We should have gone straight to Lion. Rgh. And now the work is piling up, when we were almost caught up before, and there's NOTHING we can currently do about it.

Only 6 more days until I can eat candy, fried foods, and pastries again! 7 week moratorium on those things ends soon. I have had two (2) small pieces of candy in 7 weeks. This is UNHEARD OF. I've been eating a lot of muffins and crackery things. Lots of goldfish. Sammiches. Going out to restaurants is a little tricky, but I usually end up getting a grilled chicken sammich or something. No fries, though. Imagine that! I haven't gone 7 weeks with no french fries since before I could drive myself to McDonald's. Which isn't to say I'd eat this stuff all the time, but they HAD become a regular part of my diet, and I miss them from time to time.

Ok…back to pretending to work.