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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Goodness

Well, well, WELL! Its been like, four MONTHS since I've last posted! Since that time, I am a married man, have been out of the country, and have gotten new employment. Nothing major.

The wedding was fantastic, as all who were there would agree. Still working on getting all our photos in order and put into an album. Currently I am editing some, and also editing honeymoon photos, which was ALSO a great time. I gotta tell you, NOTHING on this earth beats reading a good book in the shade, on the beach, in a hammock, on a tropical island, with a bar 20 feet away playing 'Louie, Louie'. That is just AWESOME. Anyway, the trip was a hoot, we had lots of fun, and then came back to the cold, cruel 'real world'. :)

Since then, I FINALLY got a job doing pre-press design at a business forms company, so I design/edit all sorts of paychecks, order forms, bills of lading, manifests, etcetera. Its not terribly creative work, nor is it exciting, but it IS steady, and it pays pretty good. Can't ask for more than that, really. I'm going to keep trying at Cartoon Network though, cause you never know.

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving down here. 2nd year with the in-laws. This year, I am deep-frying a turkey. Its gonna be sweet. I have not TOTALLY neglected my northern suburban upbringing, however, and have acquired a DIGITAL, ELECTRIC turkey fryer, as opposed to those gas/open flame ones. Much more civilized. Plus you can do it indoors. Well, I guess you COULD use the other kind indoors, but that would be dumb. I'm looking forward to some fried turkey, anyway.

Me and the wife are looking to be up in MD/DC for a week around Christmas...most likely the 23rd through the 29th. Please feel free to stop by or give us a call or whatever if you're in town then and want to do something fun.

New fun thing for you guys who travel a lot...next time you're on a plane, bring a silver ball point clicky top pen with you, and about halfway through the flight, stand up, scream a random Bible reference and then click the pen top wildly and see what happens. Oh the hilarious possibilities! No matter what, it'll make a fun story. Especially if the Bible reference is something ironic.

In nerdy gaming news, I recently beat Fable II, which was a lot of fun, although the game was awfully short, and am currently playing Guitar Hero World Tour, which has some neat songs in it. They need to get 'Stairway' in there, though. Its key.