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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Latest...

The past few weeks have been pretty bad at work, people, let me tell you. I have worked 28 of the last 31 days. Submitted 117.5 hours on my last timecard (for a 2-week period). However! The good news is, my last day of work before my 13 day vacation is fast approaching! Only 2 weeks away now! Woot!

The bad news is I have a cold or something this week. Its been pretty annoying. I don't feel bad or anything, but just have a consistent cough and sore throat. Stupid winter. Giving people colds and stuff.

The good news is, I saw Behtia last weekend. We couldn't take much time off, so we met half-way. Good times. The photo is from the Arby's down there. I thought this sign was hilarious, because it doesn't really say the name of the restaurant; it just describes the qualities of one of its menu items. And has since led to one of mine and Behtia's first inside jokes. (Awww....)

The bad news is my metro smart trip card died. I feel gypped, actually, cause they say its supposed to last forever, but mine just will not read anymore! So I got a shiny new one today. I'll use the old one to help me jimmy open locked doors or something.

That is all at present. Further bulletins as events warrant.