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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Swag

So...yeah. Haven't blogged in awhile, so I thought I might, in the post-holiday lull, take the time to do so!

First, I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas (or other holiday of your choice) and a special thanks to those of you who sent me Christmas cards. They were much appreciated and are sitting on my mantel now. Hopefully Behtia can prod me into doing Christmas cards or letters next year, cause I suck at it.

On to the Christmas swag! First the giving. I gave Mom some 4" wax LED candles from thinkgeek.com that you can actually blow out. They're sweet. Dad got a flashlight for his car (someone keeps stealing his) and some imported British candy that he's addicted to. This year the 4 kids drew names, so William got a mini-fridge for his game room and a set of Batman Legos (he has 4 out of the 7 sets). Behtia got a lovely hostess apron that she was looking for, and I did a 16x20 painting that took several weeks. The 3-panel huge medieval painting project wasn't done in time...can't rush art, unfortunately...but it'll get done sometime. Its about halfway there.

On the receiving end, I got a new green shirt, some slick pajama pants with sock monkeys on them, a wooden carving of a couple hugging, and a pirate calendar (with piratey temporary tattoos! score!) all from Behtia. Jean (who had my name) gave me a copy of "80's Trivial Pursuit" and a hand-made painting of mine and Behtia's names in quasi-Chinese characters. Its pretty. Mom & Dad got me a portable hard drive (120 gig!), so I can finally clean out the 3 spindles' worth of TV shows and portfolio items and movies and emails I've burned and put them in one location, and a decent digital camera. And some socks and undies. Grandad's Christmas cash, as well as the cash from other relatives, went a fair ways towards financing a 16 gig touch-screen iPod. I still ended up paying nearly 200 bucks, but that's worth it, I think. It is muy MUY bueno! Seriously, all my music, favorite TV shows, websites (it has WiFi), and photos all in one handy little touch-screen package. It makes the geek in me quite giddy. :) So, all in all, a good Christmas!

And to all a good night.