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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ancient and Decrepit

Getting older is a weird phenomenon.  You’re used to yourself getting older…may not even notice it most days.  But then you run into someone you haven’t seen in awhile or some bit of news happens and its just shocks you down to your socks.

For example, a girl you grew up with who is younger than you has a kid going to COLLEGE.  Which means you yourself are old enough to be a grandfather at this point.  Freakin' WEIRD.  You’ve been out of high school more than half your life.  You have white hairs on your head and in your beard.  That one’s not QUITE so weird, just unexpected for me, as my father and grandfather didn’t go grey until their 60’s.

You’re living through your 6th president.  (The wife is on her 7th!)  All your favorite shows and movies are having 25th or 30th anniversary editions.  You used to go DAYS without touching a telephone or computer.  A guy you grew up with who is ALSO younger than you is married and has 4 kids.  And you can recall this individual jumping out of trees into mud puddles and the like.  THAT is the image of him in your mind.  This new version just doesn’t jive.

Siblings are the worst.  My siblings are permanently, in my mind, no older than 15 or so.  So when you have only one sibling left in their TWENTIES, that’s a jolting thing.

Anyway.  That’s my spiel for today.  Also, Despicable Me 2 was hilarious.