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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Month That Lasted 1,000 Years

And its still January. I don't know whether its the winter, the lack of employment, the missing of the girlfriend, or some combination of all 3, but this month has lasted forever.

Umm...not much new going on to tell of since last update! Counting down the days til February 10th, when I will journey to Atlanta for to celebrate Valentine's with Behtia. Oh! I did get my hair cut again. The process has now gone Ridiculously Long->Good Long->Prince Valiant->Grunge Band Member->Italian Mafia officer. Or something like that. The masses seem to like it, but I don't really like short hair. Still, its a good cut and hopefully I can get a job and start growing it out again.

On that note, have been applying to many many places, and have had a couple interviews. Most recently in Baltimore, which I'm still waiting to hear back on, but sounds really good. Plus I'd be at Inner Harbor, not the sketchy part of Baltimore (everything else). Keep your fingers crossed, people!

The family is doing well...we are all settling back into our post-holiday normal routine. Or as close to normal as we get, anyway. :)

On the more creepy side, the ghost of Rodolfo has decided to haunt our house. I caught said wily mouse, along with 3 members of his family, within the past 3-4 months. I have no problem with them until they cross the line...which they did. Eat crumbs? Live in the wall? Ok. Scamper around quietly at night? Ok. Break into and eat my unopened package of Chocolate Chunk Chips Ahoy? You must go down! It was a mighty hunt to get them all...trapped two in the basement, one in the kitchen, and one I was chasing around with a broom screaming tribal war cries and other alarming phrases and locked it in the bathroom...it drowned when it fell in the toilet. And now? We have seen no sign of mouse invasion, the traps remain untouched, and yet...I hear a small scrabbly run in the wall next to my bed at around midnight every night. If I find traces of ectoplasm or see a floating mouse with little mousey chains rattling, I may lose it. But until then, the mystery will remain.

Today's amazing link: "I Want One Of Those" --a site with tons of useless but really really cool stuff...like robot guinea pigs, cool watches, monkey heads, and tank rentals. Seriously.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Good news: Behtia came for a visit this past weekend! It was good times. Saturday we ran around Ellicot City, and then went to the Hack and Slash Christmas Show: The Musical in the evening. It was so hilarious! Behtia got hit in the head with a sock monkey, which she got to keep, and then won a H&S DVD to boot! Some people have all the luck. The rest of the weekend was fun, too...we went to Inner Harbor and kicked around there for awhile. Behtia kept chasing the pigeons; a heretofore unknown addiction she possesses. It was really cute. We also did our Christmas exchange...I got a sweater, a calendar, and the Mort D'Arthur, which is the most gigantic book on King Arthur ever written. I'm excited about that...which means I'm a big fat nerd. Behtia received a lovely cross necklace that went over very well. I only had to go to 29 jewelry stores to find it. :)

Bad news: Got laid off. Our company closed over half its stores, because of the sucky Christmas season this past December. So people who had worked there for 5 and 10 years were suddenly out on their keisters. It was bad times. Plus I'm still kinda in shock. Last Wednesday I had no clue anything was wrong, and by Thursday morning, we lose half our stores and I'm out of a job! And my last day was Friday. Yes, I had a day and a half's notice. Not that I'm bitter, mind you, as I got some lovely parting gifts. But it was still rather abrupt. And this just means that I can get a better job somewhere else! Perhaps downtown, so I can "do lunch" with all my peeps down there. Or perhaps in Atlanta...who knows? ;) I mentioned to Behtia that it was weird because I lost my job at my last place of employment 3 months after I started dating Nyx (who has the same first name as Behtia, for those who don't know), and now lost this job 3 months after I started dating her! Apparently, I can't keep a job and a girlfriend going at the same time. Comments? Analysis?

Ugly news: My turtle died last Thursday. Last Thursday sucked in fact. Still have the heebie jeebies from disposing of weird mangled turtle corpse. There is nothing yuckier than a dead turtle in a puddle; except for possibly stepping on a giant slug in bare feet. It was ugly. But she received a kingly burial in a black padded, gold lettered knife box from one of my pocket knives, and now rests in a small (duh) unmarked grave in a little glen in the woods.

Ummm...that is all! I'll continue blogging regularly. Remind me to spin the tale of the continuing Saga of Rodolfo. Its fun.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Post-Christmas Post

Well, readers, it has been awhile, hasn't it? What has happened since last I posted:

*Worked many long and arduous hours at the store during the holiday rush. This means that I dealt with the dregs of stupidity at times. Like the guy who comes in two days before Christmas and expects us to have the brand new limited edition Christmas ornament from a very popular line of collectibles. Our whole company got about 50 of these, they're that limited. Our particular store got four. We had sold out in one day. Dude's crazy. Then there's the old people who come in once a week and ask if we have any brass shamrock wall hangers. Yes, they have been told that we will never ever have them, but they persist in asking. Insane.

*Saw Behtia briefly mid-December, which was really nice. I think its the only thing that kept me sane this holiday season. Of course the weather wasn't very cooperative, and my car was covered in salt, large grains of salt, even though I said no salt, no salt...

*Celebrated the Christmas with the family, including the addition of one (1) grandfather, and one (1) sister's boyfriend. It was really neat, and I got some fun stuff. A new hoodie, m&m's, an iRiver (like an iPod, but cheaper...I named it Sybil--iRiverSybil=irreversible...get it?), some ninja climbing gear from a brother, and a couple other goodies. That's about it! Also got a shower radio, which has been fun. Good acoustics.

*Spent New Years' with some fellow bloggers, as well as other friends and associates. We all ate downtown and then saw the King Kong which was great. Even the bits with the big huge insects. Then we retired to a nearby establishment to ring in the new year. I missed having my significant other, but it was still a great way to celebrate. And for those who were curious, chicken eggs are fertilized pre-laying. Chicken nookie! :)

Umm...that's basically all that has transpired! As I remember more stories and tidbits, I will add them here!