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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Saving the Universe

I've been playing Mass Effect 3 a lot lately. It is a FUN game, although I am not looking forward to having my character's life end, which is the rumored outcome. This is a character I took through Mass Effect AND Mass Effect 2 before this, so I have known/been this 'person' for 5 years.

Anywho, its just a lot of fun tooling around the galaxy in your own spaceship, shooting stuff and just generally being awesome. The cast is ALSO really cool...your pilot is voiced by Seth Green, the sometimes pro-, sometimes antagonistic Illusive Man is voiced by Martin Sheen, your liaison/girlfriend is Yvonne Strahinsky (from Chuck), and so on. Good times. I love having to build my team, collect various resources, coordinate efforts, and have elements of puzzle solving and roleplaying at the same time you have massive amounts of shooting and blowing of stuff up.

In other news, the house I grew up in is sold and my parents have to be out by the middle of next month. Sixty-six years in the family, 31 of which I was there for, and now its going to be someone else's. It creeps me out in a 'just lost a tooth' kind of way. I haven't lived there for almost 4 years now, but it was important still knowing it was there. And now it won't be...just in photographs and memories. I believe the people who bought it are going to treat it well, but you never know.

I guess its just hard to cut ties when they run that deep, you know? I have one brother still living in the area, but he's all there is of our immediate family there now. And considering our family has been in that area for like, 200 years, that's saying something. My parents are looking at moving to Lancaster, Charles is already in the Westminster area, and Jean is in Virginia Beach.

Looking forward to new horizons, but will equally miss the past times. Maybe I'll submit a 'dear photograph' next time we're anywhere near there.


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