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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Frantic Update

Okay, sorry I have been lax in my posting...we're opening a new location this week, which means the inventory people (consisting of me, basically) are running ragged. I'm almost in overtime already this week. But don't worry, the end is in sight and a new post (including my late webring post) will be up soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fliven's involved with someone again?! Its enough to make even a Harry Potter clone's hair stand on end in shock!

Belated Post

I figured I haven't really posted in awhile, so I am doing so today! Yesterday I was all blogged out from the ridiculously tricky webring post.

So what's been going on here? Work is crazy...we're opening up two new stores, and guess who all the new inventory has to process through? Oh yes. So...much...stuff! And my supervisor has decided to quit smoking, so is very irritable, which doesn't help. He says "I don't need cigarettes to have a good time!" and I replied "You need cigarettes for the rest of us to have a good time!" Props for quitting and all that, but really, he's getting on my nerves.

Things at home are going pretty good. William has renovated his room, despite all advice from yours truly, into a very spartan black, white, and beige theme. It has the aura of a tastefully decorated prison cell. I don't know where he gets it. Doesn't like books, good at sports, tan, doesn't collect stuff...there must have been a mix-up at the hospital. Except that our personalities and senses of humor are suprisingly similar. Like we were brothers or something...

You guys ready for some heavy-duty drama? I am involved with someone once again! How's that you say? What madness is this, you shout? I will spin the tale for you! My very dear friend Behtia, whom I have known since 1998, has agreed to a potential relationship! Huzzah! I know you are all thrilled to death. Details, you say, we must have details! Very well! Details you shall have! I was down in GA for the renaissance festival with Vayl, a friend from college, in the fall of 1998 and met her friend Behtia, whom she had gone to high school with. A lovely young lass of Irish descent with a ready wit and beautiful eyes. At the time I was a skinny geeky college student with no car, and though I liked her then, we didn't know each other well, and I was not ready for a relationship anyway, much less a long-distance one. So the years passed, and we kept in touch the entire time via e-mail, and saw each other once or twice a year. Nothing was really happening until recently, when the timing just worked. Plus at this point I am a slightly-less skinny but still geeky college graduate with a car! Oh, the progress I've made. :) There are issues to be worked out, such as the fact that she lives 600 miles away at present, but we as we were both single and interested, friends, compatible, etc., felt it'd be better to give things a try then possibly miss out on something good. She was planning on coming up for a visit in October, and I was going to mention it to her then, but then, in a moment of clarity, realized that "hm, springing new potentially hazardous information on someone when they're 600 miles from friends and family and supposed to be on a relaxing vacation probably isn't a good idea" so I asked her thoughts on the subject a while ago and it was received positively. Oh yes, I did the dance of joy. :) Anyway, keep your collective fingers crossed, and I will share more news on this as it develops!

Had to share this: World Beard Championships
Prepare to be amazed at some truly mighty beard-age.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ironically, I didn't include any songs from Smashing Pumpkins...

Webring Post #8

Write a topic of your choosing using ONLY lyrics from songs. You must cite the songs (with artist) at the bottom of your entry. Entries must be at least 200 words long (or use 20 songs). There must be a recognizable story line (not just "here are 20 songs I like").

Ok, before I begin, this is a hard topic. Not only do you have to come up with a topic, but then have to use lyrics to explore it with! Insanity! I will enjoy it to no end, obviously. But what to write about, without having to use weak, nebulous lyrics? Or have it sound cheesy, maudlin, or floofy? Tricky.

Here we go...my topic is What Will I Be For Halloween This Year?

On Halloween night, when the ghosts come out,
They all get together and they start to shout

So it's Halloween
And you feel like dancin'
And you feel like shinin'
And you feel like letting loose

Every post
Is a ghost
If you've got a witch's brew

And something's spooky in the pit of my heart

I'm not trying to prove a point to the walking dead

Don't know that I will but until I can find me

Pumpkin faces in the night

If you go out on Halloween night,
You'd better be sure to bring a big flashlight.

Beware of pretty faces that you find.
A pretty face can hide an evil mind.
The bat, the cat?

Dolphin and dog?
Koala bear and hog?

you can put your costume on

Well the bellhop is funky
The dumbwaiter's a monkey
There's a giant doing cartwheels, a statue wearin' high heels
Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn!

So when ghosts and goblins
By the score
Ring the bell on your front door

Better give a treat
that's good to eat
If you want to keep life serene

To everyone he meets he stays a stranger.
I'll be what I am.

I'm more than a bird
­I'm more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
Wond'rous apparition provided by magician!

Trying hard to fit among you
Floating out to wonderland

Trick or Treat for Halloween!

Ok, and now the credits..."Halloween" by Dead Kennedys, "Solitary Man" by Johnny Cash, "Halloween Day" by Veruca Salt, "Mammal" by TMBG, "The Other Side of the Looking Glass" by Alias, "Halloween" by the Misfits, "On Halloween Night" by Joe Scruggs, "I Wanna Get Some on Halloween" by Up Syndrome, "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Rivers, "Hotel Detective" by TMBG, "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by CCR, "When I Grow Up" by Garbage, "Superman" by Five For Fighting, "Trick or Treat" by Paul Smith and the Mellomen.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Captain's Log

This is hour 8 in the longest day ever. After a fitful sleep, and waking due to various aches and pains, the day began. My first task was to acquire clothing for the coming winter, which are harsh in this land. Having done so, I began the long trek to the hunting grounds, to do a day's work and hopefully satiate the gnawing in my belly.

My ship, the Little Green Tinker Toy, has once again served me well, providing shelter and comfort from the harsh climes and hideous beasts that surround me on every side.


I have been stranded in the Mall of No Returns for what seems like an eternity, and supplies are dangerously low. Hunting has been poor, and the rains have come early. I might once again have to lure one of the lotion kiosk attendants in to the store for sustenance if I can't find food soon; unfortunately, the only attendants left are wily, and I fear are becoming wise to my tricks.

Still, to give up hope of food or rescue would drive a person insane, so I must press on. I received a communique from Cadet Rayn that indicates that he will proceed to this bleak and desolate place soon...I only hope that I can maintain my grip on sanity until then...

But all is not lost! A dropship of swords has arrived! It is enought to brighten anyone's day. Swords and knives and other goodies. Perhaps I will survive this hellish place after all...

Also, be sure and watch The Llama Song! Its good fun!

Monday, September 12, 2005

This could be my baby! Cute. Toothless. LETHAL. :)

Webring Post #7

Assuming you will have a child in the future, what one attribute or personality characteristic or natural ability would you like to secure for that child (assuming the magic Baby Genie (not to be confused with the Diaper Genie) gives you One Wish). Also, the attribute can not be exemption from a specific disease/disability.

This is a very exciting topic, and my thoughts on the subject have been varied and in-depth. But I have come to the conclusion that my baby, assuming I have one, needs to have the attribute of super-human powers.

This is so when they are picked on in school for being skinny (which they will be) or being pale (which they will be) they will have the knowledge that they can do something about it--melt their tormentor's locker to a heap of slag with heat-vision, perhaps. Or use their telekinesis to tie shoelaces together. Hilarity would ensue. Plus I could hang out with the other dads and it would sound like this:

Dad 1: "My kid just got straight A's!"
Dad 2: "My kid just won the state championship football game!"
Me: "My kid just saved a busload of children and turned Mt. Everest into a statue of me."

It would ROCK! Proud Parent of a Superhuman, that's me!

And of course, the option of becoming a tights-wearing superhero in the flesh when they get older. Saving lives. Fighting the good fight. Hero to millions. Man that'd be sweet.

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Friday, September 09, 2005


O Weekend, Where Art Thou?

For a four-day week, there sure has been a lot going on. The past weekend (have I updated since the weekend...? I forget) was lots of fun. I worked on Saturday at the store and had the fortune to meet some exciting new characters!

First was a young man who was clearly trying to impress the young lady he was with. They come into the store, and he, with all confidence, asks to see the double-edged boot dagger. I place said boot dagger on the jeweler's pad on the counter. This brilliant young mind picks up the dagger and begins to flip it overhand to underhand and twirl it, while making grunting and whooshing noises. Being the legally-responsible clerk that I am, I ask him to not do this. He then proceeds to test the balance of this cutlery by balancing the hilt on his finger, trying to be hardcore. He is not hardcore, however. His coolness fails and he drops the dagger, tries to catch it, cuts his finger, and the knife lands on his shoe with a disturbing clanking sound. I take the knife back and give the misguided lad a band-aid. He was not Shenanigan material.

Then the "Loud Family" came in. They were nice enough, but used speaking voices at a decibel-level that would more be suited to a sporting event, riot, or particularly noisy natural disaster, instead of a quiet retail store standing two feet away from the sales associate. My eardrums hurt after that.

Sunday was spent at the Renaissance Festival--just an early visit to familiarize myself with the new shows and vendors and got to see an old friend, Pegasus, as well. Something we learned: do not read during the Renaissance Man's show. He will ridicule you for it. Sunday evening I went to see Brothers Grimm, which was quite enjoyable. Imagine a fairy-tale themed Brotherhood of the Wolf with a bit of Monty Python thrown in. I was accompanied by Poppy Girl, whom it was nice to spend time with, as always.

Monday I did a great big heaping helping of diddley-squat.

This week has been busy busy busy at work and I've been doing a bunch of stuff at home as well. Remind me to blog about the video game I'm playing. Tomorrow will be spent at the store again.

I leave you today with a quote by Jim DiGriz: "Even the dullest of lives can have moments of pure glory."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A group of would-be Shenanigans at our secret training location in Brookeville. Leopard print is optional.

Webring Post #6

I am thrilled by today's topic! Such fun! The topic, according to DK, is: If you were to form a gang right now, what would it be called? What would it do? What would your personal nickname be? What would you be known to be especially "hard core" at in your gang?

Well, let me tell you people...a more ruthless band of gritty-yet-lovable characters you will not find! The gang known as The Shenanigans will be the scourge of the greater metropolitan area; known only by rumor, and eventually immortalized in storybooks and songs.

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire...The Shenanigans. Oh wait, no, that's the A-Team...the Shenanigans are world-class thieves and corsairs, and live by a strict code of honor that involves being ridiculously friendly and not preying upon the poor and weak. By day they blend in with the local populace, but when the day's business is done, they take their stolen and converted Metro bus sailing upon the open seas of the beltway, stealing entire cars right off of the road from people with entirely too much money. Who needs gold-plated rims, honestly? The owners are then dropped off on the side of the road with a handshake and an I've had enough of these Shenanigans! t-shirt.

Of course, my personal nickname would be "Thin Man", and I would join such notables as "Captain Shenanigan", "Mister Short", "Weasel", "Jimmy the Penguin", and "Fingers" O'Reilley in my pursuit of suburban piracy.

As for my specialty...no idea. Perhaps hardcore ninja sneaking-around skills? Yeah, lets go with that. Sweet...ninja pirates....

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