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Monday, June 25, 2012

What the…?!

Blogger.com has totally messed with my blog settings again! I hate it when they do that. There was nothing wrong with the OLD settings. Maybe its just ME who is getting old, possibly, as well. Speaking of getting older, I've noticed that every time I call the folks these days, someone's died. This is getting very depressing, and may be the reason I don't call the folks as often as I probably should. Since moving down 4 years ago, I've lost a grandfather, a great uncle, 3 great aunts, and the family dog. This bummed me out further when I realized that a few months ago the last living blood relative from my grandparents' generation was gone. Man. I still have a great aunt on my mom's side, and that's it for ANY relatives in my grandparents' generation. My parents are freaking me out a little, too. They're retired, moved to Lancaster, are living in an apartment while their house is being built, and just generally doing weird unexpected things. I really want to see if I can get their house phone number somehow, since that had been our house number for like, 60 years. Plus, you know HOW MANY THINGS I've got that phone number on? Zillions! Work is going ok here…a little slow at times, which makes me nervous, but big things might be in the works. Basically the CEO seems bound and determined to drive the company into the ground, and the bank is putting the brakes on. Seriously, our Maine branch has been losing money for like, TEN YEARS, and yet he's investing all the money that SHOULD be going to us for raises (which I haven't had in 4 years) or Christmas parties into their weak little business. I honestly don't know what they do up there all day, since they have more typesetters than we do, but produce about half the work. And WE'RE not busy about a third of the time. I'm looking forward to my mini-vacation next week though. I'm planning on finally finishing the painting of the back fence, and attempting to play Diablo 3. Right now I just finished Borderlands, and am doing some side quests in Skyrim, hoping to get some achievements. Oblivion was and is the ONLY game I've ever gotten all the achievements on. I'm missing like, 5 on Skyrim. Just saw an AJC ad posting for corgi puppies. MAN, I really want another one! Our dog is awesome, but it'd be fun to have another. Wouldn't take much convincing for the wife, except that we really can't afford it right now. All the vet bills and treatments and food and all that...not cool. One dog is more than enough, anyway.


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