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Monday, February 27, 2012

Personal History

So I've been thinking of making this list for some time...never really got around to it, but now I feel like I must, just to be able to remember everything in the future. This is my dating history.

1. Karin. Summer of 1990. My first little 'girlfriend'. We were cute, and I had not a clue what I was doing. She has gained a bunch of weight, had some kids, and is now divorced.

2. Amanda. Summer/Fall of 1991. It was a learning experience for both of us, but she turned out to be a big pile of crazy. Saw her about 5 years ago, and she had put on about 150 pounds and was manager of a restaurant in Rockville.

3. Marianne. Fall, 1996. We just went on a few dates, and there was nothing really there, but we had fun.

4. Noreen. Winter (long), 1996/1997. Seriously, my freshman year, the winter lasted from September until April. It was wretched. Noreen was a girl I met online, and we did a long-distance thing for a time. She was great, but the LD relationship only works for so long.

5. Celina. That same winter, 1997. Had all sorts of emotional baggage. Plus she was Canadian, and they're always a bit weird. Plus I found out she was lying to me and still seeing her ex behind my back, which means it didn't end well. She married said ex, had a kid, and a divorce, and was in AA for awhile.

6. Rose. Summer, 2001. We went on some dates, and she was fun to be with, but we were just at two different points in our lives. Fond memories, though, and I hope she's doing well. Haven't been able to find any trace of her in recent years.

7. Mandy/Celeste/Fawn/Rebecca (0.0). Fall/Winter 2001/2002. Went on a few dates with each of these ladies. Some good ones, some bad, but ultimately, no chemistry. At this point in time, I asked one girl not listed out, and mentioned I was going to Arlington National Cemetary to do some family research, and asked if she wanted to come with and then go get dinner or something. Didn't realize until after she said no and had hung up that I just asked a girl out on a first date to a GRAVEYARD. What is WRONG with me!? :)

8. Lisa. Spring/Summer, 2003. First attempt at dating via e-Harmony. They need a 'baggage check' option, cause this girl had a LOT of baggage. She was fun to date and we had a lot of laughs. I ordered french toast on our first date and managed to get maple syrup in my hair. Smooth operator. We saw the movie "A Guy Thing" that same day and afterward referred to each other as Honeybear or Cuddle Monkey. It was gross to anyone not us, I imagine. She is currently still single and living in the VA Beach area.

9. Rebecca (1.0). Summer, 2003-Summer, 2005. She was close to everything I was looking for in a girlfriend, but had that infernal baggage again. Different baggage than I was used to, as well. Ultimately, the relationship status/label/progression became more important to her than actually BEING with me, so she ended it. I still miss her from time to time, because she was a good friend, too. Last I heard she was still single and had moved to Indiana.

10. Rebecca (2.0). Fall, 2005-Present. The Good One. Met, became friends, eventually dated, and have been married three and a half years now. She is my life, and I am lucky beyond belief. I still don't have a clue what I'm doing half the time, though. :)