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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guitar HERO!

Yes its true. I AM a guitar hero. I can play three, count 'em THREE guitar chords now. Plus a power chord.

The guitar is back. Its cool. Got it all put together, but one or two tiny things happened...one is that when the truss rod (its a metal rod in the neck of the guitar to keep it from warping and stuff) was installed, it found a weak spot in the wood on the back of the neck and started pushing through...which is understandable I guess. The wood was pretty cheap to begin with, its now 50 years old, and just went through major repairs. Doesn't affect the play at all though. And it gave me an idea for the guitar's name. Its got a hump on the back of the neck...like a hunchback...named Quasimodo! Sweet. So now the guitar's named Quasimodo.

The other issue I'm having is that the bridge is still causing issues. It seemed we were all good, but 2 of the strings were 'buzzing', meaning the bridge wasn't holding them tight, and one kept slipping out. I raised the bridge a bit, but am thinking that's just a temporary fix. Still, its fun to play, and that's what's important. Now I need to learn 'Stairway'...

In other news, mine and Behtia's wedding bands are being made. Having bought a custom engagement ring setting, I knew this would probably be an issue...getting a matching wedding band, I mean...but I just saw the prototypes and they look great! I am excited to see the final product. Mine was created to match Behtia's. Only bigger. I actually have this worry that I'm going to do something stupid like try and play volleyball or work on something around the house and jam my ring finger before the wedding, causing it to swell up and keep the ring from fitting. Is that a normal worry? Considering my track record of dumb injuries before major events, I think it might be reasonable. I have the broken toe before proposing, and the getting of a cut on my face right before senior pictures, to name two. And I've been sick on Christmas at LEAST half a dozen times.

I have to mention, if all the estate settlements, lottery winnings, real estate deals, and court winnings that I am offered in my e-mail were real, I could now afford to buy say, Eastern Europe. I am sure I could afford Russia by the end of the month, too. That's right...I would acquire through lottery winnings and my dead 7th cousin's estranged uncle's vast estates AND over the internet what Napoleon and Hitler were trying to do by force over the course of many years. I would then buy controlling interests in other parts of Europe and Scandanavia, plus the British Isles, and I would call this empire 'New Caucasia', so that when I fill out forms and applications and have to check off 'Caucasian', it'll actually make sense. But the nation would be open to all races and whatnot...so putting 'Caucasian' on an application wouldn't work, anyway. Seriously, does that bug anyone else? Shouldn't white people be 'European Americans' or something? Are we allowed to go raise a stink about that? For continuity's sake, we should either all go with colors or all go with '(continent)-American'. Just my opinion.

Time for foodening. Later.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Or more accurately, twas the day before Fliven spends lots of money. Either way. Tomorrow I go to pick up my fully-repaired guitar, and I'm already on e-bay looking at another one! Insanity. I'll post the photos on Facebook. For those of you not on Facebook, too bad. You're missing out. I have many random photos, a small portfolio of my work, my Brothers Grimm (a comparison photo will be forthcoming soon between my in-game character and my actual person) folder, and other fun things.

Also, mine and Behtia's custom wedding bands (part 1 anyway...they do wax ones to begin with, kinda like a rough draft) will be done tomorrow, or so I hope. They were supposed to be done today, but I haven't heard from the guy yet.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto. I am a BAD MAN. Do I steal cars from old ladies? Yes I do. Do I drive recklessly and run over pedestrians? Yes I do. Do I gun down complete strangers for cash? You betcha. But you have to draw the line SOMEwhere, so I never cut in line at the hot dog stand, nor do I hit anyone who has a classic ride. Bikers are punks, though, so I hit them whenever possible. Also, given the choice, I let people live. I'm a sociopathic murderer with a warped sense of vigilante justice. What cracks me up is that my brother Charles bought and played this game the day before he was to preach the Sunday sermon at church. I wonder if I should tell the senior pastor...

If you're bored, I found a funny commercial from a number of years ago that makes me laugh...go to YouTube and look for 'jiggly batman'. It has Batman singing the JigglyPuff song. Always makes me smile.