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Monday, July 09, 2007

Wish I Was There...

Greetings from the sunny, traffic-congested, odd-smelling, yet delicious restaurant-laden suburbs of Atlanta!

I am down here for a few days doing job interviewing and whatnot. Its going fairly well, I suppose...I had an interview today to be a graphic design TEACHER. How scary is THAT?! Molding young high-schooler minds into graphic designey machines. Imparting the joys of color themes and style guides. I'm not sure, even if they offered, if I would take it, but it'd be something, anyway. And the novelty value is intriguing. Plus I'd have off about a million holidays, plus summer vacation...hmm....

Not much else going on...oh! Went to the Apple store and played with the iPhone. Learned what my "greedy face" looks like. I SO want one of those...they are INSANELY cool.

There's a new development in my "if I won the lottery..." list. Right now "Dracula's Castle" has taken the top spot. Apparently, its going up for sale in the next year or two. Who could say no to a medieval Romanian castle up in the mountains with secret passages, 30 different rooms and halls, towers, dungeons, and a rich history of Turkish despots and nosferatu? Throw in some WiFi and I'd be happy for LIFE. Plus it'd give you an unbeatable trump card in any goth bragging match...all these posers talking about how dark and misbegotten they are, and you walk up and say hi, I own Dracula's castle. NOTHING tops that. :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My iLife

So for the first time in a LONG time, this weekend I was actually bored. There was nothing to do, nothing I WANTED to do, and yet I was tired of doing the nothing I WAS doing. What a wretched way to spend a weekend, let me tell you.

The good news is I have brought my 2nd-round bonsai back from the brink of near-death. It was not looking good a few weeks ago. If it had been a person, it would have been in a coma with minimal brain activity and the family already divvying up their stuff. Out of the 3 trees, two had zero leaves and the third was looking a bit wilted. Since then one of the two has recovered, the wilted one has perked up a bit, and the third has started growing new leaves from the sides of the trunk, which gives it an odd appearance. And the moss/grass, which was dead about 20 minutes after I got it home from the store, is a lush, verdant green. Who knew all you needed to do was throw it out in the blistering heat and toss water on it once a week?

Here's a fun pet fact...I am playing a video game wherein you are a ninja in feudal Japan, and I found that of the four animals I've come across, only the cats are good. The dogs are BAD. They bark and attack you and attract the guards' attention. Tattletales. Same with the chickens. Always squawking and flapping about. The bear, I'm not sure. I ran away. Because its a freakin' bear. Just thought I'd share that. The makers of this video game are pro-cat.

Today's fun site to visit is Comic Book Heroes' Religions. Its interesting thinking of the Thing from Fantastic 4 with Yarmulke on head and reading from the Torah...or wondering of Spider-Man, Green Lantern, and Captain America go to the same church and if they are allowed to fight crime on Sundays...apparently the Incredible Hulk is Catholic...Ghost Rider is a Baptist...Batman's Episcopalian...and Superman is Methodist. Who knew?