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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jiggly Jowls...

...would be a great name for a band. Apart from that, its not a great thing to discover that you have when you run. Here's the scoop. Never in my life have I been what one would call "overweight". In fact, I doubt I could make "average". But lately I have been packing on the poundage, relatively speaking. Mid-150s is pretty big for me. But its not a bad weight for my height. What IS bad is that my sister (who, after having randomly moved to California 2 months ago, is back home again...we're still wondering why, but are afraid to ask. Mostly because we have to live with her) has gotten me to go running.

Running is fun. I like it. I feel better after doing it. But, unlike in high school, or even college, or even post-college, I now feel body movement when I run. Never in my LIFE have I had my belly move when I run. Its a new experience for me. Also, my jowls jiggle if I drop my foot too hard. I use "jowls," because if I say cheeks, you may assume by reading it that I mean the tuckus, which also jiggles during running, but that has always been true, and is not a novel experience. But my jowls could never (after age 2 anyway) have been referred to as chubbly, so this is a slightly disturbing sensation for me.

So my goal becomes "keep the weight, but lose the jiggle". A good goal, and one at least partially attainable. For I know I can easily lose the belly jiggle. But the jowl jiggle is a bit trickier. How DOES one go about losing face weight? Would talking more decrease my face flab and turn it to jaw-chiseled tone? Its a mystery.

Also, Dad tried to kill us by telling us that from our house to the 2nd traffic circle in the neighboring development and back was 1 mile, when in fact it is 2 and a half. I almost killed myself trying to run a mile in under 10 minutes, not a difficult task, even out of shape as I am, and I barely made it under 20! I was a trifle worried at my state of health, but then finding out it was in fact, 2 and a half miles we had done, felt much better about it. That's around an 8-minute mile, and not too shabby for just starting out. Plus I've been able to pass all of my running expertise onto my younger sibling. Such as it is, anyway.

Fliven's goal: de-jowlified and un-jiggly by spring, and then stay that way through the wedding.

Also fun to note is that I am using the same garb I used in high school to get in shape via running...my sweats, green Wilson sweatshirt, running shoes, and SHS marching warriors t-shirt are all the same items of clothing I wore to winter track practice in 12th grade. Sweet. No, I do NOT throw anything away. :)

Transmission ends here.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nothing New...

Nothing much going on, but wanted to post something anyway.

Have my plane ticket for a whirlwind tour of ATL for Thanksgiving to have the dinner with the future in-laws. Behtia ASSURES me there's nothing to be worried about, but I can't HELP but be nervous, right? I mean, first holiday with the in-laws! Its scary!

Other than that, my only fun news this week was poor brother William, who bought his X-Box 360 more than a year ago for the sole purpose of playing Assassin's Creed, which was due to come out on Tuesday. He was SO excited, and then they had a shipping delay and it didn't arrive until noon Wednesday. So between Tuesday morning, when I got an anguished txt message, and Wednesday noon, I was giving him SUCH a hard time, and laughing SO hard. Oh it was hilarious. I am not a mean person, but it WAS a stitch. And he tells me the game was worth the wait, anyway.

Have an interview in about 2 hours...not anyplace new, but in a different department than I am in now...instead of doing ad/real estate ad/classified ad design, I'd be working on a quarterly magazine. It'd be more hours and better dough, but I really don't know if its suited to me, still, it can't hurt to try!

Oh! And yesterday I had the most nerve-wracking haircut I've ever had. Went in, my usual lady wasn't there, no big deal. So the 'new girl' is next up and I'm like, ok. She looks to be about 19, generous build, noticeably zaftig, and I'd have been surprised if she was over 5 foot tall. It was funny because sitting in the chair I was as tall as she was standing on the floor. So, getting my haircut, we're chitchatting, and I realize she's flirting with me! What does one do in this situation? Tell her you're engaged and risk a sub-par haircut one week before Thanksgiving with the in-laws as a result? Lie and risk being given digits and/or asked out when you ARE engaged and risk being caught? A sticky wicket. I managed to hem and haw and mutter and hedge the hints and questions until paying, at which point I said thanks, that I was engaged, and hustled for the door. I tipped generously.

That is all.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Winter of Our Discontent

We've had about 4 cold days here, and already I'm sick of the cold weather. Could be because of being engaged (sorry, no recent developments, although I already told my sister she can't be in the wedding. Not really, though, I just say it so she'll quit annoying me. Also, the Fliven guest list is a bit long at present. As such, the first 10 people to post a response on this blog will be eligible for attendance. Everyone else is CLEARLY not my friend and thus will be cut. Ha ha! Kidding! I'm going to flip a coin later on) or it could have other reasons. But seasonal depression is setting in early this year. Plus my sister wants to do all sorts of "family activities" for Christmas this year, like foregoing the usual coffee and gifts Christmas morning, and getting up and working at a homeless shelter instead. Now, there's nothing WRONG with that, in fact its laudable, but I shouldn't feel pressured from my sibling who may or may not be cut from the wedding if she doesn't shape up to do this on my family day. I mean, don't the homeless need food and blankets in February, too? Wouldn't it be smart to do it then? Lots of people volunteer around the holidays, or more than usual, anyway, so it makes sense to me to do it at an off-peak time. It would be more appreciated or something. But she's got it in her little head that this is what we should do, and if ANYONE'S schedule doesn't allow for it, she's going to pitch a fit and ruin Christmas. I'm going to go ahead and blame Hollywood in advance. Mostly because she lives in L.A. (did I mention that? yeah, she moved out there a month ago. completely randomly.) and has the proximity thing, and because she's seen one too many smarmy Christmas movies. I bet you a dollar she wears a Santa hat to the homeless shelter.

Anyway, lest I appear Grinch-ey, I AM excited about Christmas, have some great gifts for other people lined up, and have no beef with the homeless and would be glad to serve them food at any time of year.