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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Long time away...


It has been quite awhile since last I posted...I will get caught up on the goings-on of my life in the past year or so through interpretive dance. Here goes!

*does interpretive dance*

Whew! That was exhausting, and I hope enlightening. What? It wasn't??! Dang it, what do I have to DO here?!?! Ok, top ten things I think you need to know about what's going on.

1. My blood pressure is high. This may have something to do with bad eating habits, not having to do any chores or anything active, or with turning 32. Or all 3. Or its trying to cope with Atlanta traffic, which is enough to give the Dali Lama a coronary. Still, its something I'm going to have to work on.
2. Car is at 155,000 miles and still going strong.
3. Finally beat Guitar Hero World Tour; just in time to start the Beatles Rock Band.
4. No Fliven babies yet, although we are in early 'negotiations' and that will probably change within two years, maybe less.
5. I got a portable hammock for my birthday. Its awesome. I'm also putting a 'Wearever' on my Christmas list. Its a mutant love child of a folding chair and a backpack...a MUST HAVE for anyone who is planning to stand in line for anything. Check it out.
6. Am in the process of shopping/buying a new TV. Got a bunch of birthday bucks and gift cards for my birthday, which will cover well over half of it. Its an RCA 32" LCD HDTV with PC hookup. Mmmm...technology...
7. Life in the South continues to go well, despite my missing my home turf. You tend to take things like convenience stores, mass transit, and free museums for granted up there, and its been rough. But I like it well enough. The people are interesting, and you never know what's going to pop up. Our church had a 'catfish fry' for example. Yikes.
8. If the ice cream stand you're at doesn't have Black Raspberry, leave and drive to a different one. The lack of BR is a sign of sub-par ice creameries.
9. You know you're getting old and weird when 'power washing day' at the apartment complex is a day you look forward to MORE than your own birthday.
10. We are currently considering a family dog. Possible name ideas include: Flapjack, Dwight, Slagathor, and Goobersmooch.

That is all! I hope to post more often in the future. Maybe I'll have a bimonthly 'blog day' or something.