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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Captain's Log

This is hour 8 in the longest day ever. After a fitful sleep, and waking due to various aches and pains, the day began. My first task was to acquire clothing for the coming winter, which are harsh in this land. Having done so, I began the long trek to the hunting grounds, to do a day's work and hopefully satiate the gnawing in my belly.

My ship, the Little Green Tinker Toy, has once again served me well, providing shelter and comfort from the harsh climes and hideous beasts that surround me on every side.


I have been stranded in the Mall of No Returns for what seems like an eternity, and supplies are dangerously low. Hunting has been poor, and the rains have come early. I might once again have to lure one of the lotion kiosk attendants in to the store for sustenance if I can't find food soon; unfortunately, the only attendants left are wily, and I fear are becoming wise to my tricks.

Still, to give up hope of food or rescue would drive a person insane, so I must press on. I received a communique from Cadet Rayn that indicates that he will proceed to this bleak and desolate place soon...I only hope that I can maintain my grip on sanity until then...

But all is not lost! A dropship of swords has arrived! It is enought to brighten anyone's day. Swords and knives and other goodies. Perhaps I will survive this hellish place after all...

Also, be sure and watch The Llama Song! Its good fun!


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