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Monday, February 26, 2007

Pirate Paradise

Time for another amazing blog update! There will be thrills, secrets, sharks, giants, chases, escapes, true love...stay tuned!

The last month has been pretty good. Things are finally wrapping up here at work, and I'm actually getting to the vendor the projects that were started in November. Plus I have free time to help my fellow designers with their tasks, saving up favors for when things get crazy later this year and I need to call for assistance.

Spent Valentine's Day driving to GA. Yes, there was snow and ice everywhere. Yes, I took my freshly-washed car and drove through that mess. Yes, I could not see out of the windows by the time I hit Richmond because of the dirt and slush and salt. But I did it anyway. Why? Cause she's worth it! :) We had an excellent time. I gave her Heely's in red and white and flowers. In return, I got the collector's edition of Greatest American Hero. Was there a replica cape and instruction manual included? Oh yes there was! Awesomest Valentine's ever!

We have also had a "talk" about our living situation, because I have to tell you, driving 12 hours really bites. Especially when you're taking vacation days to do it. So within the next year, there will either be more Fliven in Atlanta, or more Behtia in the D.C. Its a big move for whomever ends up doing it, and we're trying to iron things out.

On Friday, I went to the firm-wide end of quarter meeting, which was held at Constitution Hall. Not only were the guards ridiculously serious, which is another story altogether, but one of them was pretty close to being the tallest human I have ever seen. He had to be over 7'. I felt almost midget-like in comparison, which is not a feeling I am used to.

Saturday was the company's end-of-year formal party. I didn't go. Mostly cause I was date-less, it was going to be boring, and the food didn't sound good.

My dopey sister got in a car accident yesterday. So she was driving over to my parents' house, in the snow and everything, on bald back tires. She turned a corner, and her car kept turning into a small tree. The front bumper shattered, but otherwise the car was fine. Me and Charles went and got her and I drove her car home. Her car's new name is "Fishtail Surprise". Felt kinda action-filmy swerving wildly around a corner, but still.

Today's link: Florida Castle Timeshare. Yes, its a castle in Florida with all manner of perks, but the best is the shark-filled moat. Let me repeat that. Shark. Filled. Moat. Dead serious. Totally awesome, but way out of my price range.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole point of Greatest American Hero that he LOST the instruction manual? I kind of feel like the collector's box should SAY it has the instruction manual, but then you open it and it's not there...

9:09 AM, February 27, 2007  

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