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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bad Spam II

Today's fun and interesting spam comes from Bethie03 at yahoo. But that's not her real name, oh no! At sunset, mild-mannered Bethie03 becomes Gesac Invertazae , spammer elite! Please read:

Hello !
Thanks for you letter !

My name is Gesac Invertazae.
I am Support Grand Manager for answering you question #1688.

By GQ magazine Research we are in top20 of online apothekes on internet,
so you can find many good things for your health on our website.
Both for males and females. Just visit it.
We are licensed in India, State Kashimir, Medi-AQ77A and USA, State Minnesota, #MN2379.
And of course we ship to UK, we ship worldwidely.
Our prices are great. We accept credit cards as payment. Our privacy policy
is strictly oriented to provide maximum comfort for our customers.

Do not hestitate to contact us via our website if you have additional questions.

Best wishes,
Support Grand Manager Mr. Gesac Invertazae
HealthSuite Support Team

>Hello !
>Do you have antibiotics and other commonly knowns preparates ?
>Do you have licenses ?
>Do you ship to United Kingdoms ?
>What about privacy policy ?
>Mr. John Smith, Gloucester, UK
Now, my questions/conclusions are as follows:
1. What drug-induced haze prompted me to write this person as "John Smith" from Gloucester?
2. Why did I feel I needed antibiotics and/or preparates?
3. Having the word "grand" in your job title rules. For example: "Hello, I am a shoe salesman." Boring. "Hello, I am the Grand Shoe Sales Grand Man!" Much more hip. Also, that would make me a "grand designer". :)
4. I find it suspicious that they are in India and Minnesota. They probably use transfers as a threat to keep their workers in line. Tell the Indians that they'll be transferred to Minnesota if they don't stay in line, and vice versa. Can you really see a large, pale family of Scandanavian descent living comfortably in Kashimir? Having to chase monkeys off of their car?
5. How can you ship something "worldwidely"? Its like saying "worldwide-ish". Either its worldwide, or its not.

That's about all I've got going on...just working and counting the days until the 15th, when I get to see Behtia and celebrate our 1-year anniversary! It really doesn't feel like that long. Things are going well on that front, and we are both happy. Not with the being 600 miles apart thing, obviously, but other than that, all is good.

Oh! Yesterday I performed emergency bonsai triage...my bonsai tree Engelbert was starting to get brownish, so I watered it liberally, got rid of the stupid gravel, added fertilized potting soil, and am attempting to graft moss onto it, which looks so cool. If it stays alive, I will have the best tree ever.

Today's fun: Leeroy Jenkins! For those who are not techno-geeky, this is a movie clip of a bunch of online gamers playing World of Warcraft, and are meeting to discuss how to attack a really really difficult enemy. Leeroy is just sitting there, then goes nuts. Its hilarious.


Blogger Red said...

Oh "worldwidely" was my favorite part! I want to do things "worldwidely"!

Have you seen the bonsai tree exhibit at the National Arboretum? You should!

7:13 PM, September 05, 2006  

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