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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clear Your Calendars

Good afternoon, sportsfans!

Here is the latest play-by-play in the pre-wedding goings-on. We have tentatively set the date for September 13, 2008. Which will be three years to the day since we started dating, and 363 days spent engaged, for those of you keeping score. The wedding will most likely be 75 guests or less, which means quite an exclusive gathering!

The wedding party will consist of myself and my bride, and our siblings; which, being a sum total of 2 girls and 2 boys, works out well. Assuming that my best man options of Mr. T, Chuck Norris, Jack Black, Laurence Fishburne, and Jet Li all fall through. Yes, I sent e-mails through their official websites asking each of them if they'd be available to be my best man (yes, I actually did...just for laughs). I'd be AMAZED if they're even read, much less answered in the positive. So I'll probably end up with getting one of my brothers to perform the best man duties. Or maybe both, who knows.

Umm...as it looks now, the wedding will take place in the Maryland/DC area (I hear all of you living up here heaving a huge sigh of relief). Unless O & S and ourselves decide to do a double wedding at a Scottish castle, which has been proposed. I have doubts about THAT one, despite the coolness factor. Also have doubts about a Condorman-themed wedding, with swooping from balconies and getaway truck/racecar/hydrofoils. Perhaps the theme song will make a cameo during the reception, though. I'd be happy if I'm allowed to wear a sword.

We will probably end up living in the Alpharetta area after the wedding, at least for a few years, and are considering housing options presently.

No word yet as to the honeymoon destination. That may have to stay a surprise, anyway.