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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Much Belated Blog

Umm...let's see. Its been awhile....ok, like almost 2 months....since I've posted. In that intervening time, what has been accomplished? Let's review:
1. I turned 30. Not much different that 29 except that I can feel my memory going and arthritis setting in. BTW, thanks for the book, M. My favorite article is the one explaining how the center of the Earth is made of candy.
2. Got a part-time job. At a newspaper publishing place. I design real estate, classified, and magazine ads. Its grunt work; the graphic equivalent of flipping burgers or stocking shelves, but its a paycheck and it'll look good on my resume.
3. Went to Lancaster with the family last weekend for my belated birthday celebration. It was cool. Knife shop, homemade Amish ice cream (you CANNOT beat it...also, why isn't Butter Brickle a standard flavor?? Its delicious! Peanuts and caramel and stuff...), mini golf, and we managed to show up during the local firehouse's auction and festival...have never seen an Amish parking lot before. It was a bit weird. But I DID decide that small waifish Amish children are the most adorable children on the planet.
4. Have become addicted to Guitar Hero. I can't help it. Its cool. And I RULE at it.
5. Helped Dad by doing some landscaping/yardwork around his office, got half my blood sucked out by mosquitos, have sworn revenge as soon as my blood levels are back up to normal.

I think that's it! Oh, and my passport finally came. Only took 4 months to get it renewed. Still, its nice being able to leave the country if I want to. Not that I will, really, but I CAN. My only travel plans for this year are to VA beach in September, and possibly 1 or 2 trips to Atlanta.

Ummm....not much else to say. I'll post if something of monumental importance occurs, though. :)


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