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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Living Life in HD

So for the past ten days or so we in the Fliven household have been enjoying our regular television programming in High Definition. What follows is the saga of how it came to be.

After months of exhaustive research, a fortnight ago Saturday we went to Best Buy to acquire a 32" HDTV. Our old TV, while still functioning, gets greenish spots if its on for longer than 1-2 hours at a time. Maybe watching itself makes it motion sick, I don't know. But it has served me well these 9 years, and will still be used in the bedroom, replacing the teeny tiny TV that's in there now, which will move elsewhere or be given a new home. We had found a lovely HDTV for $350, well within our budget, and I had asked for Best Buy gift cards for my birthday with this in mind. So I check availability of the product online 2 weeks ago, and the Mall of Georgia Best Buy has 3. Cool. Call them up to make sure, get them to put one on hold. Here's where things got a little wonky.

Guy calls back (whose name is Charles...works at Best Buy. It was tough not to call him 'Bartowski') and says that that TV is actually not available, but they'll give me another TV of same size and features for that price. Sweet! So we use birthday cash, gift cards, and bring the price of this originally $429 TV down to $180. Can't beat that! Now, where they get you is the HDMI cord. Its the cord that reads the HD signal, otherwise you're just getting a regular TV signal. So gotta have one. Cheapest one at Best Buy? Thirty-five bucks! For a CORD! Outrageous. So we got the TV and left.

The next day, we swung by Fry's Electronics after church. This is an AWESOME store. Tons of electronicky goodies. I went and looked at their wide array of HDMI cords, and lo and behold, a perfectly good HDMI cord for $14.99. That's more like it! So now you know--go to Best Buy for TVs, but Fry's for cords.

Let me tell you, the difference between a 32" HDTV and a 19" regular TV is about 35 lbs. Nearly had a coronary moving the old TV into the other room.

But eventually we got it all hooked up and working and it is SWEET. I am an HD junkie now. Plus X-Box is way better in HD.

Thus ends the tale of the new TV.


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