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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Worst book EVER.

So I just finished reading this book, Dragon Wing (Death Gate Cycle Book 1), my brother recommended. It was so stupid. And much to my dismay, it was done by one of my favorite authors; or rather, team of authors. They should be ashamed of themselves! Are you reading this, Margaret Weis? How about you, Tracy Hickman?! Your book reeked. It was detestable. The characters were one-dimensional, the only halfway interesting character dies twice. The plot was ridiculous, the annoying brat prince who manipulates everyone does not get comeuppance, in fact, he gets lauded. What is that about?! Elves are depicted as snobbish shallow pansies. The dwarves are depicted as stupid clumsy cowards. I mean really. We can't do better than that? I am disappointed.

The job hunt continues. I applied for 16 jobs yesterday. As of yet, no calls and no e-mails. This racket gets really depressing after awhile, people. Nevertheless, the search for more money (Operation: Spaceballs II) continues. A new job is part of Phase I. An integral part in fact, which the rest of the phases pretty much hinge upon. Sad, really, that my life is based around money and the need for more of it, but what can you do?

For when I immigrate to Europe. So much red tape! Perhaps I should go rant down at the EU Embassy or something.


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