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Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of those people...

So, since owning a dog, I've realized that we have become one of those 'dog people'. The ones with pictures on their phone or in their wallet, and tell mediocre stories that we feel exemplify the fact that our dog is the most hilarious/awesome/cute dog in history. This works well in relating to other dog people, but others would just be bored to tears.

So how to overcome this? Being aware of the problem is the first step...next is convincing the wife of it, as well. Third is weaning yourself off your dog a little...i.e., making them less of a role in your life. Doing other things. Cutting back on dog-related purchases. Will be working on that.

Work has been slow this week...this is our lull after the new year and before the end-of-school-year rushes. Its kinda nice, but the day goes by SO SLOW when you don't have anything to do.

Also, to tell the general populace, in case you didn't know, the ancestral home, the ancient seat of the Fliven family, is going to be put up for sale in a couple months. Mom and Dad are already packing and painting and storage-uniting. And yes, it totally freaks me out. I only lived there for THIRTY YEARS, and am having trouble coming to grips with the fact of no Thanksgivings or Christmases there any more. The folks are looking at real estate in the Lancaster, PA area currently, which I hope they get, as it is a nice area.

Today's words of wisdom: there are a few jobs you shouldn't fall asleep at...one of these is air traffic controller. I'm talking to you, controller at National...


Blogger Jennifer said...

As one of "those people" I feel that you should post at least a couple of pictures of your dog on Facebook and/or your blog. I have a mental image of a tiny Chihuahua dressed in a Renaissance jerkin with a tiny sword.

9:38 AM, March 24, 2011  

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