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Monday, October 10, 2005

Webring Post #11

This week's post, brought to you by Poppygirl, 4, 9, and the letter Q, is: In whatever writing style you feel moved to use (poetry,prose, list...) I want you to detail 5 thing you are (traits, titles or descriptions), 5 things you aren't, and 5 things you want to be.

An interesting topic! At first glance, easy...but has layers upon layers, like an onion. Or I'm just smoking crack again. Either way, here goes.

Who is the Fliven now?
I will tell you, I solemnly vow.
He is taciturn, quite the quiet;
And sometimes a laugh riot.
Treats his fellow man with parity,
Occasionally is a sideshow rarity.
Sangfroid of the first degree--
That's who Fliven doth be.

What is the Fliven not?
I shall detail it, every jot.
He lacks a style gregarious,
And doesn't do drugs nefarious.
He is not tan of skin, I say,
And is (sorry, men) not gay.
Not in the least by fame driven;
These are the things not Fliven.

How does the Fliven wish to be?
This will be fun, as you shall see!
Perhaps some mighty mutant power,
Or to find the cancer-curing flower.
A marriage to some beautiful girl;
And a galleon like The Black Pearl.
Around the world on a fun jaunt,
That's what the Fliven does want.
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Blogger Red said...

Excellent!!! :) With your rhyming and your illustrations, I'm sure you could put together some lucrative children's books :)

10:15 AM, October 11, 2005  

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