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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Life Update

Okay! Now that I am caught up on my webposts, I can regale you all with tales of my goings-on.

So! Um...let's see...in the last week or so...lots of time spent at work trying to get some extra cash on hand. Read a couple good books. Watched Garfield in Spanish. And am counting down the days and practically the hours till Behtia arrives (6 and 3/4 days).

Not much else to speak of, unfortunately! But some exciting things will be happening in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned. Besides a most crucial visit from a VIP, (*nudge wink*), there is the imminent release of a new Wallace & Gromit feature, not to mention the next installment in the Wheel of Time series! Can I get an amen out there? Only been waiting like, two years for this book. Also coming up at the end of the month is a getaway with certain notables for a relaxing lake-filled weekend. Good times...goooood times...

Anyway...hope you enjoy my new profile image...looks like me, while maintaining a veneer of anonymity. Thanks to Ishy for the link!


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