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Friday, July 29, 2005

And now...

As promised, here is my ever-growing list of cooly-cool band name ideas: 20 Little Things, A Drop-Dead Suit, Agent Tangerine, Agents of Change, Bleed Blue, Bloody Armageddon, BV Icecreamseed, Cacodemomania, Camoflauge Jesus Cape, Carnage Report, Checkerboard Cheese, Cheeky Monkeys, Chevy Sponge, Conundrum, Dark Wonderland, Death Blow, Deep Red Inferno, Definitely Dodgy, Don't Think Twice, Dramatic Reverb, Eccentric Mixture, Empire Burning, Encrypted, Entranced By Knickers, Epic Saturday, Fight Or Flight, Filthy Lucre, Fire Walkers, Fizbin of Misfortune, Flickity Flick, Fliven, Forgotten Garbage, Forty Fakirs, Free Pie, Freshly Potted Plants, Funnels & Dice, Fuschia Basement, Fuzzy Macaroni, Gelatinous Mass, Gingerbread & Meat, Graveyard Date, Greater Social Situation, Greenburst, Here There Be Dragons, Hollow, House of Cards, Improbable Address, Infinite Earths, Irreversible Effects, Jiggery Pokery, Little Green Bag, Madcap Shenanigans, Masses of Moo, Melty Plastic Goo, Micah & The Truck, Miss Granola Suicide, Miss Social Butterfly, Modern-Day Mercenaries, Monkey Monkey Jive, Mouse Underthings, Mutants At Table 9, Neon Bible, Pepito & The Soul Toast, Plan B, Poo Film, Prozac Pie, Rid Of Me, Rotten Sea Weasels, Satsun, Second Effort, Secret Pockets, Shortbus Specials, Sock Drawer of Solitude, Spherical Turkey, Starter Fob, Sticky Wicket, Symphonic Band Adventures, Tabloid Fishbowl, Temple of Meat, Terror Twilight, The Anti-Swarthys, The Bay of Bunnies, The Devil's Entrée, The Fifth Iteration, The Inflatable Buckets, The Joy of the Fern, The Last Hour, The Nerd Herd, The Nutty Presbyterians, The Scrounge of Corsica, The Sharp Bronze, The Shrieking Eels, The SoCo Incident, The Spirit Room, The Wooden Nickels, This Is A Mass Notice, Triple Ripple Vanilla Road Monkey, Tsuba Stash, Twisted Justice, Uniquely Silver Springy, Universal Drunken Yell, Vapor Trails, Vats Of Butter, Wench Whimsy, WildeBEATS, Wingwoman, Wretched Hive, Zero Drama, Zuzu's Petals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agents of Change was totally mine!


10:25 AM, July 29, 2005  

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