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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yes, do you guys have cans of Whoop @$$?

It has become my new quest to find the Jones Cola "Whoop @$$" (note the clever use of symbols in place of letters to achieve a lower rating) energy drink. I believe it was found by a friend at a random Sheetz in Virginia, but since then I have not found it anywhere. But can you think of any name for a product that comes in a can that's better than "Whoop @$$"?

Anyway...I am once again behind on my webring posts, and will get caught up as soon as I can. But first, a little on what I've been up to! Last week I drove to Atlanta to visit Behtia, which was a blast. The visiting, not the driving. But I did find an interesting fact...my car got better gas mileage traveling northeast than it did traveling southwest. What's that about? Let's hear science explain that.

Basically the weekend was spent hanging out with Behtia, laughing at the stupid dogs we house-sitted, wondering where Ishy was, and just generally having a really good time. We went hiking one day to Amicolola Falls, which was lovely, although if you go, park at the top of the falls, because then you won't have to go up 706 stair steps. That was not so cool. And one evening we stayed up til 4 a.m. watching 3 episodes of Celebrity Poker, 2 of which were the same. Which led to the inevitable result that the new feared arch-enemy Trifecta of Evil are Camryn Manheim, Oksana Baiul, and Dean Cain. They are all up to something...or seemed to be in my "just drove 600 miles and its 4 a.m. and I've seen this episode twice" mind.

Also, Million Dollar Baby was a good movie in the "I wasn't depressed but now I am and just want to huddle under a protective blanket of fear" genre. And what's the deal with Weather Man not being in theaters after a week at the box office?! That bummed us out, cause we both wanted to see it.

Still, it was well worth the trip! I remain quite smitten with Behtia. Or possibly even besotted. Take your pick.

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Anonymous Jennifer said...

It's now well into DECEMBER and I am missing my regular update of A Prize in Every Box. Whither hath thou gone, oh Fliven?

9:27 AM, December 09, 2005  

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