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Monday, August 15, 2005

Webring Post #3

Oooooh, two posts in one day! How did all you readers get so lucky?

First of all, let me explain something on my last post...the post title comes from the fact that Whitesnake did the song Here I Go Again, which is pertinent for a newly-single person. And the opening line was from Willy Wonka, and also a song by Oliver from back in the day. It has no bearing on any kind of situation, but there you have it.

Now! On to today's topic! And what is today's topic? Well, according to Miss NYCRouge, this week's topic is guilty pleasures. "Please confess a particular guilty pleasure that brings you some bit of shame." How saucy! How racy! I know you are all on the edge of your e-seats waiting for what mine will be!

I reviewed many of my more shall we say not-publicly-known aspects, and came up with a few ideas:

-Passive-agressive revenge on coworkers for real or imagined slights.
-Eating tons and tons of junk food because I know I won't gain weight and feeling smug about it.
-Knowing I know more than someone else about something and flaunting it.

Any of these is, for me, a guilty pleasure. But perhaps not quite tantalizing enough for you, the blog-reading public? You demand more? That's barbaric! Haven't I revealed enough to sate your appetite for the taboo?! You people...sometimes I wonder...

Very well, I will acquiesce and reveal a further guilty pleasure. My adoring reading fan(s) have twisted my arm. Deep down, I think going to a nude beach would be really fun. Yet I know my pale pale skin would get horribly sunburned in unmentionable ways, and I'm not sure that's a pain I wish to deal with...but I still think it'd be fun to go to one sometime. Maybe I feel a kinship with those who, like myself, have absolutely no tan lines; although for a different reason.

Oh dear. What must you all think of me now... :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freak! Freak Naked Freak!

Hehe :)


8:49 PM, August 15, 2005  

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