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Monday, August 08, 2005

Webring Post #2

This week's topic: Body Modification. And yes, I chose the topic. Its timely, its timeless, it has art and beauty, it has hideous freakishness, and yes, there can even be madcap shenanigans. Sounded like a good topic to me. My only other option was "name your favorite babka".

So being someone who has two tattoos, I am not completely against them, although my parents have been giving me grief because my siblings are following in my footsteps. Jean has a tattoo of some verse or poem in Arabic or something on her lower back, and William that cunning youngest brother, has his ear pierced and two tattoos as well! Now, I do have one problem. When getting something as permanent as a tattoo, it should meet some criterion.

One, does it have a specific meaning for you alone.
Two, take time to think about it. Even if you're 100% sure, get an opinion, wait a month, and see if you still feel the same way.
Three, research it. Be sure you're getting a reputable location, proper price, and know the tattoo etiquette (how much to tip, what to wear, what to bring, etc)

My dopey yet cunning brother got these tattoos, one is a celtic cross suspiciously close to what mine looks like, and a Bible verse in Arabic. Basically, he just copied mine and my sister's ideas. That's stupid. Never do that.

I'm not a piercing person. Don't mind other people having them, except for people who have so many in their lips that they jingle when they talk. That's a little distracting. But whatever. I think people should do whatever makes them happy in this regard. Its their body, its their responsibility. Society is just going to have to deal with it. I do think that if someone gets something risque' tattooed on them, they should keep it concealed in public, cause that's just common courtesy.

But basically, body modification is becoming less taboo, and I'm glad about that.

Rule #4: Never get a girl- or boy-friend's name tattooed on you...it'll jinx the relationship.
Rule #5: Never let NYCRouge research "Prince Albert". :)

Also, an important tip for all you potential modifiers out there...its addictive! The craving never goes away. Keep it in mind.


Blogger nycrouge said...

Shudder, shudder.

Don't search "Prince Albert" on Wikipedia.

2:17 PM, August 08, 2005  

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